Are You Frozen 1 or Frozen 2?


Mar 04 2022

Gold Tape

Long story short — a new month in Everyday Wonderland begins in 2 days. Join us now for our March mission: Flow & Let Go. 

Dear Reader,

Consider Queen Elsa’s journey of self-discovery, from Frozen 1 to Frozen 2.

Frozen 1:

Cloaked, gloved, taught to conceal don’t feel. She races to the woods, initiates a sparkly wardrobe overhaul, builds a palace out of ice(-olation). Iconic!

But then, in Frozen 2:

I’ve had my adventure, not looking for something new. Elsa knows she has had a rebirth, acknowledges that her life is so much better than it was. Could she possibly ask for even more? Even more fulfilment, even more adventure, even more truly herself? 

In both films, Elsa feels selfish for pursuing passion’s pull. But ultimately, what she is pulled towards fulfils not only herself, but her whole community. She is a better leader when she embraces her power rather than dampens it. When she follows her intuition into the unknown, she discovers injustice that must be corrected. It isn’t selfish to dream. It is selfish not to pursue our purpose. 

Are you Elsa in Frozen 1 or Frozen 2? Either way, the aim is the same: flow & let go. 

In order for the next adventure to begin, we must shed the extraneous energy we carry from the past. 

In Everyday Wonderland, our mission for March is Flow & Let Go. 

  • clear the air of what is holding you back
  • prepare for where you want to be
  • create space to dream and fantasise 

I’ll help you do that, in one-minute calls to adventure, into the unknown. 

Will I see you down the rabbit hole?

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