The Art of the Afternoon Singalong


Apr 21 2016

Gold Tape

The Art of the Afternoon Singalong

Goodbye afternoon slump, hello Broadway.

The very best thing about working from home is the freedom to belt out a tune when energy is low and stress is creeping upwards.

It takes me back to my first year housing at uni, where Kat and I would work quietly at our desks until one of us turned to the other: “Taylor time?” “Taylor time.” Cue Red.

For an impromptu singalong, an iPod* and bluetooth speaker will do, preferably a cute kate spade one with polka dots.

* yes that is an ipod touch. no I do not have a smartphone. yes i know what year it is. the other day someone literally asked me ‘what is an ipod?’

The Art of the Afternoon Singalong

For the full girlband experience, bust out the guitar.

Gryffindor-coloured accessories not chosen on purpose but it was probably subliminal.

The Art of the Afternoon Singalong


And if you’re feeling extra proactive, start your own songbook.

Write out the chords and lyrics your favourite tunes so you don’t have to squint ‘n scroll through on your laptop.

The Art of the Afternoon Singalong

Trust me, there is no better refresher than a spontaneous singalong.

Even the jocks will agree, with their 7th-inning stretch, the only sports tradition I know because it involves singing “Sweet Caroline”.

Important note: Remember to turn off the playlist when it’s time to get done or your blog post will take the entire Wicked soundtrack to get written.


P.S. If you too feel the urge to burst into song, you might be interested in my upcoming course, Leading Lady: a theatre-inspired virtual summer camp for building confidence. Register your interest here!

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