Art Class Like a Heroine


Mar 23 2015

Gold Tape

Art Class Like a Heroine

I must say, taking an art class felt quite Zelda Fitzgerald.

As a kid I was really into art. We even had a craft room in the basement. But these days, besides the occasional crayon masterpiece and the photography and Photoshop magic I rock here on the blog, art time has diminished.

From Emma to Zelda to Rapunzel in Tangled, all heroines seem to take their art seriously, and with the Edinburgh College of Art around the corner with some budget-friendly casual classes through Art Soc, I had to give it a try.

So to the Ink and Bleach workshop I went, even though I was more than a little intimidated by both the venue and the equipment.

At first, my head still buzzing with the rush of the day, I took my brush and outlined the objects in front of me, and sat back in my chair after five minutes: okay done. But as the workshop leader offered suggestions on how to portray colour, texture, and shadows, I got really into it, and at the end of three hours still didn’t feel finished. Best of all, my mind was so focused on the details of my work that all other worries and my usual slew of post-it sized mental notes had flown away.

I need to do more art.


Spend some time in the studio. If you are already a practicing artist, feel the joy in every stroke. If you don’t know where to begin, look for a class or workshop in your area and don’t be shy: sign up!


P.S. A reminder to Do It Now.

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