why i went all the way to bristol today (hint: it’s atomic)


Jan 03 2013

Gold Tape

atomic-burger-bristol^ atomic ceiling

today included an hour-long journey to bristol, and a further forty minute walk across town. why? all to visit the new location of the nerdtastic diner mecca. (all hail). besides being my most frequented eatery in oxford, atomic burger has also hosted some of my finest moments: defeating godzilla, placing in their halloween costume contest, and collecting all the stickers in their coveted book. its walls are a hodgepodge of paraphernalia, from the super girl print above my favourite table to the inflatable spider-man who ogles the tv screen looping nostalgic cartoons and breakfast club dances. so when they opened a new branch, i thought, why not take a day trip? it was so worth the distance (even got to meet atomic space commander martin!). though it seems like a small reason to trek, sometimes the small reasons are the ones filled with the most awesome.

the galactically gorged,

xandra ★


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