Simple Fix: Decorate your Bedroom

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Jul 26 2013

Gold Tape

Simple Fix: Decorate your Bedroom

Your bedroom is of utmost importance. Make your space your own and fill it with things you love to feel, see, smell, live in. This is my Turl Street room from my last year of university and I love it.

Home is more than things, but the things we fill it with do help define it. A slight minimalist contradiction.

My reading light was a strand of fairy lights that emitted a warm glow; the overhead ‘main light’ was forbidden after work hours.

A line from an Owl City song inspired me to place glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling. Well, wall. They are accurately placed as my favourite constellations (Leo the lion, Monoceros the unicorn, Canis Major the big dog, Canis Minor the little dog, Aries the ram) along with my own originals (The Penguin, The Chipmunk).

I stole the pink ribbon from the Blogcademy cake (shhh), and the fairy wings were purchased for a Midsummer Night’s Dream party.


Lyra’s place is on my bed, among the rainbows (!) accompanied by a satchel of lavender from her home, the Fairy Shop.

My Cath Kidston bed sheets are inspired by the decor at Crown and Crumpet, my favourite tea place ever.

The wool blanket is from Edinburgh, during a trip to the Fringe with the Monkey.

Simple Fix: Decorate your Bedroom

Home sweet home. Photos from my new space to come when it is Perfect.

miss xandra bee

P.S. How do you make your space home?

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