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Jun 01 2015

Gold Tape

Gala Darling‘s Radical Self Love Lifestyle Tip #1 is to create Disneyland in your heart every day, and I oh-so-giddily stamp the Heroine Training seal of approval on that one. I may take Disney geekdom to another level, as my childhood was dotted with many magical trips to Disney World and ever-going rewatches of the Animated Classics [on VHS].

I was overjoyed to find other fabulous Internet ladies who share my passion for all things imagineering, including Disney Dress Up. Here’s who I turn to when I need a Disney Inspiration!

Lynsay / Miss West End Girl

The Best Disney Bloggers

Lynsay frequents Walt Disney World annually, and just started Disneybounding! If you’re planning a holiday, check out her tips on how to spend the day at the Magic Kingdom. This girl knows her stuff.

Megan / Briar Rose Blog

The Best Disney Bloggers

Megan is pretty much a real-life princess – she got engaged and honeymooned at Disneyland Paris (and the wedding was Disney-inspired too of course)! Now she cosplays in startling likeness to the princesses she portrays, and furnishes her home with Disney-ful trinkets.

Kate / Scathingly Brilliant

Best Disney-Loving Bloggers

The sadly now defunct Scathingly Brilliant captures old fashioned Disney charm that takes you right back to the days of Walt. Kate is a pin-collector, expert theme park packer, and Dapper Day frequenter! Still plenty of archives to scroll through, and the occasional Disney-themed product in her store!

Gabriella / Pixie and Pixier

Best Disney-Loving Bloggers

Gabriella makes the shirts I probably bought at the Disney store when I was a 90s kid look actually really cool. Perhaps most importantly, she is the creator of my Lady and the Tramp earrings!

And did you know that there are several official Disney blogs? Check out Oh My Disney, Disney Insider, and Disney Style for your next addiction.


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