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Feb 25 2016

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Best Edinburgh Cafés with WiFi

As a writer and website owner, I have the ultimate luxury of coffeeshop-hopping to various ‘offices’ around the city, enjoying inspiring spaces and preferably, their wifi. Because I couldn’t find a comprehensive list of Edinburgh wifi hotspots for nomadic writers, I decided to write my own! Here are your Wi-Fi guides to the neighbourhoods in Edinburgh. Enjoy!


My Favourite: Lovecrumbs

Best Edinburgh Cafés with WiFi

Dear dear Lovecrumbs, my personal obsession that has appeared on this website many a time already. It is a little piece of wonderland, featuring a wardrobe of fresh-baked cakes (with the strangest, most marvelous ingredients, such as courgette in cake and lavender icing), a piano in the back, and a pillow’ed windowseat ^. The only downside is its popularity – it’s one of those magic places where there is usually A space to squeeze in, but not always.

More cafés with wifi in Tollcross: Lothian Road Starbucks, Forest Café, Cameo Bar, Pekoetea, Leo & Ted

Old Town

My favourite: Brew Lab

Best Edinburgh Cafés with WiFi

Coffee connoisseurs flock here. This is hipster central with artisan coffees and minimalist wooden tables. I have a favourite armchair for reading, and a favourite little nook for writing dates. It’s a great work environment, which means that it is often full to the brim with students sporting Ray Bans and laptops. Luckily, Spoon and Black Medicine are around the corner, so there are options.

More cafés with wifi in Old Town: Spoon, Black Medicine, Caffe Nero at Blackwells, Usher’s, Forrest Road Starbucks, Press Club, Cult Espresso


My Favourite: Roundsquare Coffee House


My Favourite: Baba Budan

Coffee AND doughnuts made on the premises, tucked into the cosy Arches just around the corner from Waverly Station. Plus, the most fantastic views of Calton Hill!

More cafés with wifi in Canongate: Juice Warrior

New Town

My Favourite: Frederick’s

Best Edinburgh Cafés with WiFi

A hidden gem in the heart of New Town, styled in the kind of chic I’d like to emulate in my own home with comfy and stylish seats paired with vibrant blue walls. With a healthy variety of teas offered, it is often full on weekends, especially at mealtimes. However, because you have to hunt down the narrow stairwell leading to this beautiful nook, it remains unknown to many by being hidden in plain sight.

More cafés with wifi in New Town: Eteaket, Princes Street Starbucks, George Street Starbucks, Caffe Nero at House of Fraser, Café W at Waterstones, Lowdown, Fortitude, the bar at Harvey Nichols, Eden Locke


My Favourite: Filament

Small and cosy with an excellent selection of magazines, feel like a local at Filament. I can trust the baristas here to really know their coffee, and they offer juice too!

More cafés with wifi in Newington: Cult Espresso, Nicholson Street Starbucks, Summerhall

West End

My favourite: The Huxley

Best Edinburgh Cafés with WiFi

The Huxley calls itself “ a homely retreat from the bustle of our busy city”. I love it for its quality and design, which is the perfect blend of luxe and simplicity. Attached to the Rutland, a boutique hotel, it’s the kind of lovely place to pick up a croissant for a slow breakfast. Every detail, from the design to the menu seems carefully considered. The seating is laid out to accommodate diners as well as solo visitors, though not the type of place to sit for hours on a cup of coffee.

More cafés with wifi in West End: Shandwick Place Starbucks, Cairngorm Coffee


My Favourite: Century General Store

Edinburgh Cafes with Wifi

This should not be a surprise, as I’ve hosted a couple events here in their turret tower! It’s quite a community feel here, with the very best coffee in town.

More cafés with wifi in Leith: Leith Walk Starbucks, Hideout, Compass (bar and restaurant), Haven, The Roseleaf (bar and restaurant), Twelve Triangles Kitchen TableMo BeansPrintworks Coffee


My Favourite: Café 33

Best Edinburgh Cafés with WiFi

More cafés with wifi in Stockbridge: Stockbridge Starbucks, lovecrumbs,  Skylark

  • Disclaimer: The above is a work in progress and thus quite a small list. Please advise me on other venues to sample. Warm regards,


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