Birthday List 2016


Jul 30 2015

Gold Tape

Birthday List 2015

A birthday list is like a wish list of little presents to give yourself throughout the year. You know, those little things that you mean to do, but have trouble prioritizing. The details. The adventures. The context, that makes your year awesome. Last year I wrote my first birthday list, and I am proud to have completed every task. Wish me luck!

25 things to do before I turn 25

  1. read a book in French.
  2. run a new 10K.
  3. fly south for the winter.
  4. make bibimbap.
  5. find a favourite film critic.
  6. build a fort.
  7. acquire a winter cape.
  8. walk up Ben Nevis.
  9. attend a dance class.
  10. make homemade vegetable stock.
  11. have a tea cup cactus garden. or just a cactus garden.
  12. be able to identify a new constellation.
  13. learn a new signature dessert.
  14. visit a new country.
  15. climb in the Cairngorms.
  16. see a 5-star play.
  17. do a meditation course.
  18. have a favourite winter flower.
  19. have a movie marathon.
  20. eat at a vegetarian restaurant.
  21. celebrate midsummer.
  22. go to a rooftop bar.
  23. sing karaoke.
  24. celebrate halloween.
  25. finish reading the complete works of shakespeare.

When your birthday rolls around, why not write your own list? Leave ideas for little tasks in the comments!

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