Birthday List

How to Write a Birthday List

26 things to do before I turn 26 [25 July, 2017]

  1. visit a new country.
  2. celebrate midsummer.
  3. see a 5-star play.
  4. travel south for the winter.
  5. master a french language learning app.
  6. participate in the harry potter alliance.
  7. visit a distillery.
  8. redeem my dining rights in college.
  9. see a west end musical.
  10. attend a ceilidh.
  11. do a hedge maze.
  12. perfect a salad recipe for lunch.
  13. perform onstage.
  14. complete PIIT 28.
  15. lead 6b.
  16. record a taylor swift duet.
  17. play a new video game.
  18. be able to name all the countries in the world.
  19. have a signature homemade juice.
  20. invest in a new winter hat.
  21. get a new house plant.
  22. find a signature lipstick.
  23. try a new kind of meditation.
  24. send a care package.
  25. learn the korean alphabet.
  26. climb somewhere new.

Birthday List 2015

25 things to do before I turn 25 [25 July, 2016]

  1. read a book in French.
  2. run a new 10K.
  3. fly south for the winter.
  4. make bibimbap.
  5. find a favourite film critic.
  6. build a fort.
  7. acquire a winter cape.
  8. walk up Ben Nevis.
  9. attend a dance class.
  10. make homemade vegetable stock.
  11. have a tea cup cactus garden. or just a cactus garden.
  12. be able to identify a new constellation.
  13. learn a new signature dessert.
  14. visit a new country.
  15. climb in the Cairngorms.
  16. see a 5-star play.
  17. do a meditation course.
  18. have a favourite winter flower.
  19. have a movie marathon.
  20. eat at a vegetarian restaurant.
  21. celebrate midsummer.
  22. go to a rooftop bar.
  23. sing karaoke.
  24. celebrate halloween.
  25. finish reading the complete works of Shakespeare.


Birthday List

24 things before I turn 24 [25 July, 2015]

  1. visit a new country
  2. run a new 10K or half marathon
  3. visit Cornwall
  4. have my astrological chart drawn up
  5. write another song
  6. find the perfect tarot deck
  7. write a letter to Jo Rowling
  8. stargaze
  9. volunteer
  10. ride a new roller coaster
  11. learn a new card game
  12. perform
  13. add crystals
  14. go fruit picking
  15. have a picnic
  16. visit the Isle of Skye
  17. play croquet
  18. see a Shakespeare play I haven’t seen before
  19. take an art class
  20. have a spa day
  21. celebrate Midsummer
  22. join a book club
  23. attend a new festival
  24. perform a planned, anonymous random act of kindness
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