how to personalise black tie


Nov 29 2012

Gold Tape

^ my handbag for the climbing christmas dinner

dressing up: a phrase that can refer to either formal wear or costume (u.s. and u.k. fancy dress respectively…). my favourite is the combination of the two. whether for a casual cinema trip to see the artist (in all black and white) or to a carnavalia-themed ball (in a fluffy pink dress and converse boots) dressing to theme is my favourite fashion challenge (and a secret to accessing creativity!). as a minimalist, i try to work with what i’ve got. for climbing formals, the dress code reads: “black tie, climber’s interpretation”. my “interpretation” is literal: an incorporation of climbing gear into fashion (this year’s result above). pro: the carabiners solved the rounded chair obstacle. con: unnervingly easy for people to unclip my handbag from my shoulder. ★

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