Confessions of a Blogcadet: Four Blogcademy Secrets

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Jan 26 2013

Gold Tape

^ i made a video about my weekend at blogcademy. one thing i learned is that a good blog post should sound like a conversation with your friend. so hopefully it does that, in its raw, candid, silliness. and i hope that it will embarrass my super-professional future self.

so here are some secrets i learned:

1. bloggers need co-workers. blogcademy works because kat, gala, and shauna collaborate and combine their strengths. it’s one huge example of what bloggers should do in real life too. create a blogging posse and bounce ideas around to help each other out.

2. blogcademy actually lasts forever. it’s so much more than a weekend. it started the moment i signed up and still hasn’t ended. this is because of a. the motivation it gave me to make my site blogcademy-ready and b. the incredible community of blogcadets (a blogging posse!).

3. the importance of sharing. people write blogs to share and help people. it’s the reason i started my blog, but i needed the reminder: write for your reader!

4. …is really a secret! watch the video!

xandra ★

p.s. this is the “after” ~ here’s the “before” :)

p.p.s. the “after” lives on! post-blogcademy sparkly meetups.

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