Micro-Pleasures: Blueberries for Breakfast

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Jun 24 2013

Gold Tape

Micro-Pleasures: Blueberries for Breakfast

 Micro-Pleasure No. 47 – Blueberries for breakfast.

Ahhh, the perfect summer morning treat. Blueberries need no enhancements to make them tasty and super-healthy, but just for fun I sprinkled in some granola and soya. Yum yum yum.

More micro-pleasures:

48.  directing music videos of my life in my head

49. falling off a climb safely, and the rushed sensation of panic to thrill to relief that comes with it

50. morning dew

51. almost forgetting my key or something important but remembering it in that crucial final moment

52. the characteristic combined scent of perfume samples as I read a magazine

53. when G&D’s has my favourite flavour (B52)

54. when G&D’s has a new flavour that rivals my favourite flavour (Jack Daniels & Honey)

55. alcohol in ice cream, despite my near universal dislike for it in its conventional form

56. fancy meals with small portions and many courses

57. getting a flattering shout-out on Sparkle and Crumbs for putting stuff on my head

58. bumping into friends on the street and mastering the pleasantries and enthusiasm effectively and un-awkwardly

59. ABBA Gold

miss xandra bee

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