Own Your Story: a heroine’s handbook

Own Your Story: a heroine's handbook


My mission is to help you become your own heroine.

This story-told workbook guides you towards curating a life that you love. In it I show you how to:

  • use minimalism to lead a less hectic, more mindful lifestyle
  • define your passions, big and small
  • own your identity with confidence and style

While my courses at Heroine Training use examples from my favourite stories, this ebook follows my own personal journey to show you just where the ideas and lessons I teach were born.

Own Your Story: a heroine's handbook


What’s inside?  Take a peek at the table of contents!

  • Meet the Heroine
  • Our fashionable heroine discovers minimalism
  • Our heroine develops an appreciation for quality and containers
  • Our heroine applies minimalism to time management
  • Our heroine gets a new name
  • Our heroine learns life lessons whilst learning to climb
  • Our heroine climbs in Spain, and finds Miu Miu in the mountains
  • Our heroine reflects on stories worth telling
  • Our heroine contemplates self-worth and writing, with the help of Doctor Who
  • Conclusion: Our heroine is fashionably light


This book was first published under the title “Fashionably Light: Becoming My Own Heroine”, and retains its original content. This second edition also includes my “Addendum on Depression”, which describes my journey with mental illness and what has helped.

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