Is Your Bookshelf Making Reading Less Fun?


Oct 13 2021

Gold Tape

Hi Reader,

Last week, I took all the books off the shelves, on a massive reorganisation spree. Ah, my happy place: lugging stacks of books into different sections. “Wow, thanks for tidying up the books,” said Steve. I was surprised that he counted this delightful project as a household chore! Reshelving summoned memories of doing so as a child, happily buried in my books.

➡️ What do you think of this theory:

The longer a book is on my shelf, the less likely I am to read it.

I notice I’m far more likely to reach for a recent purchase, than a volume that’s been waiting for years. Over time the guilt builds and builds, and I feel like I’m behind. Can you relate?

I narrowed my To Be Read pile to half a shelf – promising myself I can repurchase or visit the library if necessary. I am on a constant quest for reading to be as pleasurable as possible. It starts with a refreshed home library of deliberate choices.

Do you love to re-shelve your books too? How do you organise your home library and TBR pile? Write back and let me know!


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