Bristol, England / Fit for a Heroine


Aug 28 2014

Gold Tape

by Bobbi

Bristol, England / Fit for a Heroine

So you’ve found yourself in Bristol. One of the biggest cities in the UK, yet often overshadowed by its big sisters, London, Birmingham, and Manchester. However, you’re a woman on a mission to find some adventure, so you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll be doing a bit of walking today, so saddle yourself up with a coffee and a muffin from The Birdcage before you head out. We’ll grab some food and (adult) beverages later on in the day!

Bristol, England / Fit for a Heroine

> Ease into the day at the Harbourside.

Any heroine worth her salt knows that there is much to be said for standing near a body of water and breathing it all in. Let the boats float past you, the birds soar above you, and your mind settle into life and vibrance of your surroundings. Walk around, take it in, and see if you can catch and exhibit at the Arnolfini. Many are free, all are worth it.

Bristol, England / Fit for a Heroine

> Take in a bit of culture at M Shed.

You’re about to get an excellent, panoramic view of life in in Bristol, then and now. Wander, explore, and fall in love with this beautiful city by moving through the exhibits, galleries, and archives of M Shed. You’ll be floored by what’s on offer and your appreciation of the city will increase tenfold.

> Sail the high seas on the SS Great Britain.

What’s an adventure without a little getting a little wind in your sails, right? Explore the ship, grab a bit of fuel in the café, and get some fun history in you! (Don’t worry, the ship isn’t moving. You’ll get to the remainder of your destinations in plenty of time!)

Bristol, England / Fit for a Heroine

> Now it’s time for a bit of a climb.

But it will be worth it! Head on up Park Street, hang a left at Great George Street and then walk on up to Cabot Tower and experience some of the best views you’ll get of this beautiful city.

Bristol, England / Fit for a Heroine

> Once you’re done with that, get an even better view.

You’re on your way to Clifton Bridge, darling. Have a picnic or explore the Clifton Observatory (the walk through the caves is well worth the small cost). Even if you’re afraid of heights (every brave lady has at least one thing that makes their teeth chatter), if you push through, you’ll be met with some spectacular views!

> Hungry yet? Head back down from the heights to Cosy Club.

You’l be met with good food, friendly staff, and fabulous drinks. Toast to a day well spent and a city well explored!


Bristol, England / Fit for a HeroineBobbi [Today I’m Bobbi] is a blogger extraordinaire, from writing to photography to design [Ready to Blog Designs]. She is a world traveler, bookworm, and Head of Gryffindor House for Blogwarts.

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