best veggie burger ever


Nov 23 2012

Gold Tape

^ dinner

two of my favourite things: healthy eating and atomic burger. now, one visits atomic burger not for nutritional value, but for its sheer nostalgic nerdtastic wonder. and of course for the crazy creative menu, which includes the frito bandito, a burger with nachos inside (yes actually.). i substitute the suggested cheese with pineapple (a key ingredient in another of their burgers, the big kahuna, making my order officially ‘frito bandito: kahuna variation.’ self-titled of course.) the result: gastronomical sorcery. thousands of miles away from my beloved burger joint, i recreated its glory at home with mama, using kris carr‘s crazy sexy kitchen veggie burger recipe. flavoured with sweet potato as a prime ingredient, it is my favourite veggie pattie yet. combine with a whole grain bun, tofutti sour cream, salt-free nachos, salsa, guacamole, and pineapple, and it’s possibly the most delicious thing ever. ★

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