a daily slice of cake (or something)

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Aug 22 2012

Gold Tape

^ a slice of lemon cake from the tate modern café (from months ago, not today. it’s just pretty.)

i have a sweet tooth. a sugar addict in recovery. the new thing i’m trying is to save delightful desserts for the end of the day and to only have one serving when i do indulge. the thing is, if i resolve to have one dessert per day and then have dessert after lunch, that’s a guaranteed broken resolution because dessert must always follow dinner (duh. okay alliteration time over i promise). therefore, save the slice of cheesecake (mmm. cheesecake.) for evening. i have a theory that it actually tastes better that way. well, *let’s be honest*, it will always taste good. but it does feels better. 

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