calm in the crazy city

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Aug 27 2012

Gold Tape

^ a small unassuming chalkboard sign [which i later learned is for this bridal shop] against an iron fence in greenwich village that caught my eye with its mysterious simplicity

new york is not a minimalist city. new york city is noisy. there is a distinct, gritty, stench. in summer it is muggy and sweaty. but what i love about the city is how it is a collection. the beauty of its architecture is in the stacked buildings that make up its skyline. the liveliness of its culture is in the vast variety of foods, shops, events. it is not a minimalist city, but it enriches the minimalist lifestyle: its array of option increases the possibility of finding the perfect gem in the form of a designer handbag or a quaint coffee shop or anything in between and around. my mission is to find these gems, in all forms, because they make my life sparkle

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