charge and go the decluttering hero

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Aug 31 2012

Gold Tape

^ before: connecting cords for my iphone, camera, and kindle. after: charge and go.

cords are messy and tangly and take up space. my new charge and go (by dci, the masterminds behind the tea duck and pop quiz clock), from urban outfitters, is not only adorable and pink, but also allows me to part with the above trio of wiry things. it is advertised as a “multi-use usb phone charger” but i am pleased to be using all three ports, as the micro and mini usbs connect to my kindle and camera. (and the iphone plug charges my…iphone.). i charge everything i can through my computer (especially because i have a uk adaptor for my laptop charger, so i don’t have to deal with messy conversions), so this makes doing so that much easier. 

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