my musical idol charlene kaye

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Sep 01 2012

Gold Tape

^ the retro-cool illuminated letter sign atop the gramercy at charlene‘s concert last week

charlene kaye’s music is dominating my itunes right now. animal love is one of those songs that i always feel like listening to, even if i just finished listening to it a moment ago. her albums are the authentic, capturing-life kind of music that i can listen to on shuffle and repeat all day. my favorite kind of lyrics – the kind that blend into the song perfectly, but on the twentieth listen-through a phrase will strike for the first time and realization hits: this is not just fun to listen to but so true. in concert charlene is just as energetic as her recordings suggest (except it’s a controlled, directed, quiet energy. it’s cool.). she wears all white and so does her band (they’re such a team) but it’s with the edge of a fringe jacket. and she performs barefoot.  

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