on feeling the christmas feeling


Dec 08 2012

Gold Tape

^ sparkling flying bicycles strike oxford

somebody just asked why i wrote about christmastime in november. oh yeah. that was november. and yet, it felt more christmassy then than today, december eighth. why? i suppose i was living in a festive touristy town, with two christmas dinners under my belt (literally.) and the prospect of winter wonderland that weekend. this all happened in november, yet advent had not even started. it doesn’t feel like christmas unless you make it – or allow it – to feel like christmas. sometimes the holiday season seems forced upon us, but that twinkling essence of christmas, exclusive to this time of year, exists only if we choose to embody it. but it’s not the time of year – it’s what we do with it. we only feel alive if we let ourselves live, and only feel celebrations when we let ourselves celebrate. 

is it just me?

what makes christmas feel like christmas for you?

xandra ★

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