what to do when you catch the common cold

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Dec 27 2012

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what to do when you catch the common cold^ this is me, with the common cold

if like me, you are stuffy, runny, achy, or my collective term for the lot – flibby – i feel your pain (uh…literally.). here, for your sake and mine, are my steps to getting better.

1. get enough sleep.

2. help yourself get enough sleep by:

a. staying hydrated (keep water nearby! lotions too.)

b. keep your nose from being stuffy (i use nasal spray and prop my          head up. keep tissues nearby but use water to prevent irritation.)

c. stay warm or cool enough (layers. showers.)

3. continue to eat nutritionally (green juices, soup, or curry. spicy food is the best for clearing  sinuses.)

4. when in doubt, drink tea. with honey, lemon, and ginger.

5. act as un-sick as you can while maintaining the above. admitting illness makes me feel more ill.

6. hugs are helpful, as long as you’re not too contagious.

am i forgetting anything?

xandra ★

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