Micro-Pleasures: Tiny Containers

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Jul 15 2013

Gold Tape

Micro-Pleasures: Tiny Containers

Micro-Pleasure No.83 – Tiny Containers

This container, besides, jamming out quite cutely, is also quite cute in size. It is, in fact, cookie-sized. Something about containers that contain so precisely is ever so adorable. Maybe it’s nostalgia for being the age when plates were sectioned, with each side dish given its own little home.

The list goes on…

84. window-shopping for plays to see while riding the Tube’s escalators.

85. little grammatical quirks, like the possibility of a play set on the Tube’s escalators… might be tricky.

86. polka dot socks.

87. Hello Kitty’s skillz as an airplane pilot.

88. spending about half an hour discussing differences between American and British English and always learning something new (they don’t say “zipper” in the UK. It’s just “zip”.).

89. wishing I had hand lotion then realising that I have a Lush sample in my bag.

90. how Big Society Oxford has a pop-up shop every Saturday.

91. surprise postcards.

92. when I realise, hey, it’s summer.

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