Content is Queen: A Blog/Life Metaphor

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Oct 03 2013

Gold Tape

Confession: This week I’ve had the blogging blues.

As my September Tiny Tweak instructed, I was working ahead. Sort of. I worked on business cards! My sidebar! Ads! Fonts! Digital product finagling! And in the frustration of this combination I neglected my number one rule:

Content is Queen.

Let’s be honest. Content is the party. The other stuff sets the tone, adds to the atmosphere, but when you’re at a party, you’re there for the party.

[By “content” I’m talking this, what you’re reading right here. The articles.]

Sure, this is part of Blogging 101. But it’s a Life Lesson as well.

Like my real-life Girl Party Pizza Party, for example. I spent months plotting fun-tivities and costumes, venue and menu. But on the day, it was about being there, about spending time with friends. It was about the chat. On Fashionably Light, this is the chat [You can say hello in the comments if you’d like; it might just make my day.].

If you’re like me, you might get bogged down in planning sometimes. You might get bogged down in little details, like perfecting the playlist. But remember that those beautiful details are ornaments for your life. They’re not the main event.

Let’s talk minimalism.

Less stuff more sparkle. I invest a fair chunk of time in shopping, to make sure that I find the. perfect. coat. [or the perfect whatever.]. It’s important to consider stuff before you buy, especially clothing, because well, you’ll be living in it. But it’s just as important to put purchases into perspective: It’s not about the dress, but how you wear it. If you’re going to prom, a ball, a black tie climbing club dinner, yes, put effort into what you wear, but once you get there, remember to enjoy the party.

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