Crazy Rich Asians: Podcast & Discussion Questions


Oct 01 2018

Gold Tape

Crazy Rich Asians: Podcast & Discussion Questions

What’s Your Favorite Part? Episode 3 is here!

We’re celebrating Crazy Rich Asians, which is now in cinemas in the US and UK. Go see it :)

You can listen to Episode 3 and subscribe here:

Crazy Rich Asians

Discussion Questions

  1. With unlimited funds, how would you throw a party?
  2. Do you ever hide your successes to make others feel better about themselves?
  3. Peik Lin keeps three emergency outfits in her car. What would your garment bags say?
  4. What family tradition have you learned from birth?
  5. If someone just got off the plane in your city, where would you take them for the most amazing dinner?
  6. What is the most lavish first class experience you have had?
  7. When has the right outfit given you confidence?
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