Crazy Stupid Love: Podcast & Discussion Questions


Oct 15 2018

Gold Tape

Crazy Stupid Love podcast

What’s Your Favorite Part? Episode 4 is here!

We’re continuing the ‘crazy’ theme we started last episode with Crazy Rich Asians, and talking about a modern comedy classic, Crazy Stupid Love.

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  1. Robbie says ‘All my life I wanted to be older so  people would take me seriously’. Did you ever think this as a kid?
  2. Robbie raises the seat of his chair to make him physically taller than David Lindhagen. When you were a kid, what made you feel more grown up? 
  3. Are you better than The Gap?
  4. Is love crazy and stupid?
  5. Jacob has perfected a system. What social ‘lines’ and systems work for you? What systems doesn’t work?
  6. In Crazy Stupid Love, the characters are concerned with how to get people to like them, but when  they connect, it’s over simple things like caring for the garden. What is a mundane topic that has made you feel closer to someone?
  7. Do you believe in soulmates?

What’s YOUR favorite part?

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