Creating Space in My Passion Planner Pro


Jan 22 2019

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Creating Space in My Passion Planner Pro

So many people ask me what my word of the year is.

I answer that my word for life is Simplicity.

My friend had a slightly different question. She asked, ‘What are you creating this year?’. If my word is Simplicity, what I’m creating is space.

Lately I’ve been Obsessed with Maggie Rogers.

On her Instagram, she’s been sharing snippets of her journal. What amazes me is that her words are as spacious as her music – as she says in ‘Alaska’, ‘there’s air in between’. 

When I was using the Compact Passion Planner, I became fixated on cramming in as much as I could. I wanted to prove to myself that the Planner wasn’t too small – that it could fit more more more. 

In my Passion Planner Pro, I found that the extra space on the page is a visual for how I want my life to feel – like there’s air in between.

I desire space: in my home, my schedule, and throughout my daily life.

Giving myself white space in my planner is the perfect visual representation of that.

Best of all, it fits in my bag.

Passion Planner Pro Review

In this video, I compare Passion Planner’s three sizes, and go into more detail on how I’m using the Passion Planner Pro.

The Lesson

Leave blank spaces to create intentional quiet.

Make your planner a visual representation of what you want to be and how you want to live.

Don’t feel pressured to fill every space. Leave some of it blank to enjoy the air in-between.

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