Simple Fix Friday: Put Stuff on Your Head

Chapter, Fashionably Light

May 24 2013

Gold Tape

Simple Fix Friday: Wear a Crown

Whenever life get’s you down, 

Oh darling, wear a crown!

^ I just composed that poem and am perhaps a bit too proud of it.

But actually. Put stuff on your head. It is such a boost, whether you’re going for positively silly or fantastically fashionable. Wear a floppy hat to feel like Elphaba or a backwards baseball cap for an instant rush of 90’s cool.

If your hair, like mine, surprises you daily, ranging from “actually that’s quite nice” to “um…what?”, The Crown is an excellent way to enhance and distract.

I own three crowns, the two above by my ethereal fellow Blogcadet Sophie King from  Crown & Glory  and a star band by Janine Basil. If you’re looking for a crown, I recommend both fabulous designers (and am kind of tempted by this and this…)!

Do you have a signature crown [or three]?

by miss xandra bee

P.S. My Instagram followers will recognise today’s picture. Are you one of them? :)

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