Simple Fix: Bring a Cuddly Friend to Tea

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Aug 23 2013

Gold Tape

Simple Fix: Bring a Cuddly Friend to Tea“When in San Francisco, stop at Crown and Crumpet” is one of my Rules for Life. But on Sister and my latest trip to SF, we headed also to the Walt Disney Family Museum, so of course Marie and Nemo came along. And you know what? Inviting them to our Adventure was a fantastic decision. They had a great day, and so did we.

Simple Fix: Bring a Cuddly Friend to Tea

It brings me back, not straight to childhood, but to high school. I had a hard test one day, and my friend Brett had just given me a penguin stuffed animal as a present [as good friends do]. I carried Penguin around, and started answering the “why the penguin?” questions with “He’s my stress-free penguin!”, which had become the truth. From then on I would bring Penguin and Friends (Albert, Covie, Little Guy…) to school. Sometimes I look back and think “how did I ever survive ten classes plus theatre and outdoor adventure?”. Honestly? I think it was the Friends.

miss xandra bee

P.S. Please introduce me to your cuddly friends; I would love to meet them :)


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