The Cupcake Report: Treat Cupcake Bar

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Sep 02 2012

Gold Tape

^ the creamsicle and needham cream pie, two of treat cupcake bar‘s selection

as i have explained, one of my life missions is to discover the best cupcakes in the world. today i found treat cupcake bar in needham, mass., and would like to create a special honorable mention category just for them. their cupcakes hit my main targets: not too sweet, excellent balance of frosting and cake, and beautiful decorations (i mean just look at that presentation!). they are not up to par with my other favorites, but are unique. their cakes are more like muffins, and are quite large. the shop is perfect for kids parties (they have a “make-a-treat” option for personal decorating), and the cake – light and fluffy – tastes like childhood (you know, those grocery store sheet cakes with frosting flowers. but much tastier and more fresh!). see the complete updated list here  

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