daily minimalist outfit photos ~ how i rock my wardrobe

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Jan 22 2013

Gold Tape

daily minimalist outfit photos ~ how i rock my wardrobe^ outfits from the past few days

when i “became minimalist”, my number one concern about paring down possessions was:

what will be the fashionable consequences?

i wanted an example, but when i looked, the internet provided very little overlap between fashionistas and minimalistas. so i took the plunge alone, nudged along by my move across the ocean, and realised:

phew! it’s not so bad after all.

actually, beyond that, with each day being “minimalist”, i feel more consistently glamourous.

think about it. owning only your favourite pieces and wearing them every day? i remember when i would “save” a favourite dress (for what?!) and feel drowned in lots of shirts that look the same.

since i hope this blog will provide the guidance i sought, here are my daily outfit posts: an ongoing project just for you! you can follow on flickr and twitter for dailies, or check back here for a weekly fix (here’s me on bloglovin, if like me that’s your thing).

what else do you want to know about minimalism? i’m here to find you all the answers!

xandra ★

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