December’s Tiny Tweak: Eat Regular Meals

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Dec 03 2013

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December's Tiny Tweak: Eat Regular Meals

Eat Regular Meals? Isn’t that…super easy?

Well, yes! And that’s the point of a tiny tweak. Each month when I define my new habit-forming step, I find something that should be easy, but is actually not happening. My first tweak, to get fresh air in the morning, takes seconds, but can make a day of a difference.

The Problem:

My November has been rather on-the-go, which means inconsistent eating. It means too many crisps because they’re an easy option, and not enough yummy veggies because they’re…only slightly harder. My occasionally sore tummy prompted googling, which led to the advice to eat regularly. Huh. Seems too simple to prescribe, yet there it is.

I Promise…

to eat three square meals each day. Let’s try that one out for a bit.

miss xandra bee

P.S. Photo from lunch at Mudchute Park & Farm. Yum.

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