Determining Today’s Focus in your Passion Planner


Jul 04 2017

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Determining Today's Focus in your Passion Planner

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Sometimes I get obsessed with crossing things off my to do list (in highlighter). Pausing to reflect in my Passion Planner helps me remember the big picture, of why I care about getting things done. 

One of the features that keeps me in check is the “Today’s Focus” box at the top of each day’s column. Every night before I go to bed, I make sure to identify the next day’s “Focus”.

Determining Today's Focus in your Passion Planner

I keep changing up what I use that box for, including the following:

Most Important Task

If nothing else gets done, it’s essential that this does. Choose the most time sensitive task, or the one that will make the greatest progress. Pick something from your to do list in the Top Priority category.

The First Step

The first step towards getting the day started. What’s one small task that can build momentum to tackle a second task? Go for a walk? Let in fresh air? Have a cup of tea in the morning?

Today’s Intention

Choose a word or mood to embody during the day. Calm? Inspired? Being present?

A Tarot Reading 

I used to draw a card each morning and write it in the Focus box. These days I use the top margin for this, and to note astrological happenings.

But lately, I’ve been using this one: 

I’m most looking forward to…

What’s something lovely and productive? What is intrinsically enjoyable, not just for the satisfaction of ticking it off a to do list? 

On Saturday evening I pondered over whether my task should be to cook breakfast first thing int he morning or get out of the house to get some work done. In a lightbulb moment, I decided that my Focus would be to go out for brunch. 

I’ve been shaking up my breakfast options, and have been stuck on what to eat. Going out for brunch (isn’t that what Sundays are for?) would be research, perusing from a whole menu of options that could inspire a new daily ritual. It would also, of course, get me out of the house.

I felt the heaviness of decision lifted from me. When I’m feeling overwhelmed and tired, I’m not motivated by Getting Things Done. I am motivated by feeling happier and lighter.

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