Diet Tip from a Former Chocoholic: Become a Snob.

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Feb 07 2013

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Diet Tip from a Former Chocoholic: Become a Snob. ^ Melts chocolates mmmm

My name is Xandra and I used to be a chocoholic. This is my story.

I used to eat any and all chocolate. Bar after bar of Hersheys, spoonfuls of Nutella, thick slices of devil’s food cake. It was a problem. One day, I treated myself to a bag of beautiful truffles. They were expensive, and carefully crafted, so I felt the need to save and savour them. Each night I rewarded myself with a single meditative mouthful of rich elegant chocolate.

And so I became a chocolate snob. The cheap candy-bar-wrapper brands just don’t cut it anymore. I needed gourmet. And because I am less likely to encounter Royally Warranted truffles in my everyday shopping and budget, Chocoholic Problem Solved. I worked my way up to enjoying only the best, so now chocolate is truly a treat, not a habit. It tastes much better that way. Quality over quantity, right?

xandra ★

P.S. Here’s more on savouring sweet things in moderation.

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