dining in paris episode one: le marché des enfants rouges

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Sep 23 2012

Gold Tape

^ at le marché des enfants rouges: the very entertaining and friendly head chef posing with the superb galette he made me.

i refuse to waste a meal in paris (or anywhere really. but especially paris. i mean, it’s paris.). i resolve to make each dining decision with precision, selecting a place because of recommendation or for promising atmosphere. yesterday, after some tiresome window shopping, becoming grumpy about expensive fabulosity, i suddenly realized that i was starving. i was also stuck in a very expensive area and was not prepared to pay for status over style or scrumptiousness. luckily i stumbled upon le marché des enfants rouges: a tucked away gastronomical haven just off the main streets. i waited in a very long queue (so worth it), but was constantly amused by the above character, who cooked with such ease and flair. his shirt says ‘enjoy yourself / it’s later than you think!’ 

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