dining in paris episode two: galette cafe

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Sep 29 2012

Gold Tape

^ best crêpe ever at the galette café

i stumbled upon the galette café on yet another hunt for the perfect meal. it is quietly located on a small dark street, so i was lucky to come across it. when i stepped inside and asked for a table for ‘une personne’ the friendly waiter asked if i would be alright with a table with ‘a view of the sea,’ directing me to a small table facing a wall adorned with a large picture of brittany. the staff were all cheerful and happy to serve, telling the customers with smiles, ‘we only opened four days ago.’ four days ago and i have already found them – excellent. the ingredients are fresh and the flour is from brittany. the galette was so delicious that i ordered their banana and homemade chocolate sauce crêpe, which turned out to be the best i’ve ever tasted. 

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