Disney Princess Quarantine Playlist


Apr 14 2020

Gold Tape
A Poem
Based on an actual playlist

I don’t need a new novel
Or fitness regime
I’m done, found all the fulfilment I need
In my Spotify playlist
Disney Princess Quarantine 


P.S. I really am proud of this playlist, people. Here it is again!

P.P.S. More of a full update (this playlist included!) in The Art Life Episode 28: Art Life in Quarantine. Plus, we’ve started to publish our interview episodes! We talked to Rorie and Amelia Fortes, and I am so excited for you to hear these conversations.

P.P.P.S. And, an achievements check-in on Instagram! What have you achieved lately, based on YOUR happiness and sense of fulfilment alone? I want to know :)

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