Pep Talk: No More Excuses ~ Do Your Thing!

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Feb 05 2013

Gold Tape

Pep Talk: No Excuses ~ Do Your Thing!

^ running a 10k marathon relay in Prague

My run kept getting rescheduled due to a flood of excuses: It’s too cold I’m too tired I don’t have time But I’d have to take a shower It’s so dark out My tummy hurts I want to go to sleep instead.

No more of this!

Talking my way out of running expended more energy than bouncing out the door would have. The brain is a brilliant system that can justify terrible ideas. Eeevil!

Pep Talk: No Excuses ~ Do Your Thing!^ (source)

The more time passes, the more I manage to convince myself that Running Will Hurt and It’s the Worst Thing Ever, but when I start to jog, my mind clears, my body starts functioning again, and I realise that the opposite is true: it’s zen, calm, energetic, alive, and I feel even more magnificent after, from both the rush of activity and the accomplishment of doing something that challenging and felt great.

Schedule it, if you must. Find a buddy to hold you accountable. Sign up for a race. Just get some Beyoncé or Queen on your iPod and put your shoes on. Running might not be your thing – I get that. But whatever that thing is, the thing that you weirdly dread even though you absolutely love it, the thing that’s challenging but invigorating and rewarding, do that thing!

Ready, set, GO!

xandra ★

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