Simple Fix: Don’t Just Eat It Because It’s There.

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Aug 09 2013

Gold Tape

Simple Fix: Don't Just Eat It Because It's There.

Perhaps you have faced a situation like the above.

The Double Cookie. They grew attached in the oven, and now they are one. It counts as just one cookie right? A minute ago you promised yourself you would only eat one cookie and then this little miracle appears. TECHNICALLY, it’s ONE COOKIE, guyz.

Let’s backtrack.

Why did you want only one cookie? You’re not a Neopet. Food, whether for nutrition or pleasure, cannot really be quantified. Doing so, setting limits, will only incite our rebellion. And as Hollywood reminds us, rebellion is kind of cool.

This goes for Double Cookies. This goes for eating everything on your plate – yes, food waste is bad, but is overeating and feeling yucky any better? You don’t have to bin your leftovers either. Take some home or give to a friend, and take a smaller serving next time. This goes for munching on chips in front of the TV (if overeating is sin, TV is the devil, as most of us have experienced…) or accepting hors d’oevres (freeeeee foooood!).

Ignore the little qualifiers your brain comes up with.

Sneaky sneaky brain. Think about how you’ll feel instead.

miss xandra bee

P.S. My latest sparkle step (this one!) is going amazingly.

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