on following my actual dreams


Nov 13 2012

Gold Tape

^ my workspace at oxfork. books, notes, tea, and loveliness.

during the college application process, i told myself that my dream was to get in somewhere and study abroad in oxford for a year. my actual dream was to study in oxford for more than a year, as an undergraduate. when i realised that applying was not only a possibility but what i had to do, a passion, a need, awoke. recently, i fell into the same trap, grasping at options for a potential career. all the while i searched for something that would allow me time to write on the side. why not just write? when i was eight years old, having just finished “my first chapter book”, i announced with confidence my aspiration to be a writer. returning to my childhood dream is scary. it’s going to be difficult. but admitting it, acknowledging it, is liberating. ★

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