Sub Fusc Fashion: How Do We Feel about Dress Codes?

Chapter, Fashionably Light

May 23 2013

Gold Tape

Sub Fusc Fashion

One of my favourite mantras is that limitation fosters creativity, so I find the restrictions of dress codes a fun challenge. “Academic dress” requires a button-down shirt, black skirt, and black shoes so why not pair a quirky BCBG blouse with Betsey Johnson peplum [and hot pink watch] for exams? The Dr Martens were necessity rather than statement, as I don’t own any other black shoes, but if I did, I never would have made the unintentional fashion statement.

Sub Fusc Fashion

Post-exam adjustments allow for such frivolities as a balloon on a bracelet and a homemade hat (by budding milliner Emma Glaser. Uh, no pun intended. Seriously).

How do you feel about dress codes? Fashion challenge accepted? (Gossip Girl thinks so).

by miss xandra bee


P.S. Little things that make exams better.

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