Dressing the Part: A Free Webinar with Kitty Cavalier


Apr 10 2017

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Dressing the Part: A Free Webinar with Kitty Cavalier

I used to detest dressing up.

As a child, dressing up meant scratchy Sunday school tights. 

As an adolescent, in the Mean Girls era of fashion, dressing up meant short skirts and belly tops, and the misconception that I couldn’t be “fashionable” if I didn’t wear these things. I thought that feminine came in one shade, and I didn’t like it. 

Becoming more in tune with my personal style has helped me own my identity.

Setting boundaries in my wardrobe based on what I want is excellent practice for identifying what I want out of life as well.

In my Leading Lady summer camp, each week is inspired by a step in the theatrical process, and so of course there is a week dedicated to getting into costume! My lessons are accompanied with interviews with performing arts pros, and who better to speak to about this topic than Kitty Cavalier, author of Sacred Seduction, burlesque performer, self-proclaimed lipstick ninja, and one of my personal heroes.

Working with Kitty has got me spontaneously dancing in my living room [this is literally part of her teaching]. Hers is a voice that is refreshing and liberating on the personal development scene, and I can’t wait to talk to her about beauty and its necessity. 

We’re recording our mini salon on Wednesday, and the recording will be tucked away in the Leading Lady armoire.

Join us live for a taster of the kind of topics we feast upon in Leading Lady! We’re talking about:

? How costume can help you be yourself – not mask yourself

? Where to find your signature style

? How to incorporate dress into your daily rituals

Sign up to join us live on 12 April at 3pm EST, noon PST, 8pm GMT!
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