on dressing up for halloween


Nov 02 2012

Gold Tape

^ me as hit-girl for halloween at atomic burger, drawing inspiration from the film and the graphic novel

when i finally put on my costume on wednesday (for an hour of inspired essay work before having to actually be in costume) i realised that the careful choosing of my pieces didn’t quite show, yet  finding the exact leggings and the precise cut for the cape just so was fun in itself. halloween is an excuse to  live in someone else’s shoes (although in my case hit-girl’s shoes are conveniently much like the ones i wear every day). over the years pieces of my wardrobe have gained significance by belonging to characters: malvolio shoes, mrs lovett heels, a mcgonagall turtleneck…and after days of wearing pieces from a minimalist selection, wearing something completely different is definitely appreciated. ★

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