Elephant Selfies, and Other Excuses to Travel


Mar 16 2015

Gold Tape

Elephant Selfies, and Other Excuses to Travel

Even though Glasgow, Edinburgh’s big urban brother, is only a 90-minute £2 bus ride (£2!) away, I’ve only managed to make it out there twice since moving to bonny Scotland. Both occasions were theatre-related, limiting my free hours to explore, and to meet my Blogcademy sister Lynsay.

So finally, I booked my very affordable ticket, and because I need an excuse to travel, I planned my day around hunting for the perfect deck of tarot cards.

Elephant Selfies, and Other Excuses to Travel

Watching Vegucated earlier this week on Netflix reminded me to recommit to healthy, plant-based eating, so I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Juice Garden, where I treated myself to a healthy and hearty meal, complete with raw chocolate cake. Yum yum yum yum.

Elephant Selfies, and Other Excuses to Travel

Then I wandered across town to find Opal Moon, a little treasure trove of magic goodies. Still no luck on the tarot card front, but it remains an excellent excuse to direct my wanderings. I hurried through the University of Glasgow and Kelvingrove Park to meet [or rather, be rescued by, in the middle in the street, when I was very lost and very late] the radiant Lynsay, who is indeed as awesome as her crown proclaims. See above ^.

Perhaps the best thing about The Blogcademy is the sorority of like-minded alums dotted across the globe. Ladies [and a few gentlemen] who not only stand out in a crowd for their fabulous attention to head gear and sparkles, but with the shine of confidence and passion that the programme seems to attract. Miss West End Girl Lynsay is the epitome of Blogcadette, and it is marvelous to have met such a companion up here in the north!

We concluded the day with coffee and cake at the beautiful Kelvingrove Museum, complete with a serendipitous Sunday organ concert and a quick introduction to Sir Roger the Elephant.


Is there a city nearby that you’ve been meaning to visit? Find even the tiniest reason to go explore, and if you have a new friend to meet, all the better!


P.S. that time I went all the way to Bristol for a veggie burger.

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