Encounters with Sparkly People

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Feb 09 2013

Gold Tape

blogger meetup funtime^ Emma Rose Black has the best photo ideas.

Blogcademy lives on. The meetups have been frequent fun and of course, we took lots of photos.

Encounters with Sparkly People: Fanny^ lunch with Fanny and Lucy (the latter of whom is invisible in this photo)

Encounters with Sparkly People: Emma^ dinner with Emma (who apparently rocks the bloggerface)

Encounters with Sparkly People: Emma^ the evening may have brought us to Hamley’s…

Encounters with Sparkly People: Jo^ I finally met fellow Oxonian Fe-Line Jo (and The Cat)Encounters with Sparkly People: Georgina and Shannon^ Georgina, whose hair matches her blog, and secret honorary Blogcadet Shannon!

And there’s so much more to come. Surround yourself with creative intelligent sparkling people and be forever inspired.

xandra ★

P.S. More on friendship :)

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