Energetic Affirmations for January


Jan 02 2015

Gold Tape

Energetic Affirmations for January

In lieu of a New Year’s Resolution, this year I am embarking on a Happiness Project-inspired year, using the categories Gretchen Rubin lays out in her book. For her, January is for Vitality, so this month I shall brush up on my already-formed healthy habits to stay energized.

Energetic Affirmations for January
  • Exercise More
    • Sign up for recurring yoga classes.
    • Go climbing once a week.
    • Sign up for a 10K.
    • Continue to walk a lot.
  • Spend less time behind screens.
    • Spend less time surfin the net, more time reading books.
  • Eat well.
    • Remember that veggies energize me, while sugar makes me sleepy and cranky.
  • Sleep well.
    • Drink sleepy time tea.
    • Wind down in the evenings.
  • Act energetically.
    • “Act the way you want to feel”
Energetic Affirmations for January

It sounds like a lot, but these are all habits that I have built up in the past, and this month is for boosting them back into shape.

Energetic Affirmations for January

My new project is collaging a vision board of sorts: sprucing up my favourite postcard depicting Mulan boldness, inspiring freshness with bubble wrap and a Gryffindor banner, zoning out into space, and channeling this tough chick. I’ve stuck them under my clear IKEA desk as a constant reminder of my super heroine intentions.

Energetic Affirmations for January

What habits are you working on this year?

miss xandra bee

P.S. For another habit-building technique, check out my Sparkle Steps guide :)

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