Ethical Fashion Simplified

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Jul 09 2013

Gold Tape

Ethical Fashion SimplifiedEthical Fashion Simplified

“In a way, good design is ethical.” Bianca Elgar

I’ve been thinking about how to dress and shop ethically, but to be honest, the process can be stressful. There are so many factors to consider: fabric, local, Fair Trade, organic, vegan – ahhh!

While the conscious shopper thing is a work-in-progress I’m taking quite seriously, my friend, fashion designer Bianca Elgar (founder of the BU Dress I wear above), articulated a good, refreshing point. Good design is ethical.

For those of us who want to be both fashionable and light, good design comes first. What’s the point of owning a Fair Trade organic dress if you don’t like it enough to wear it? If you don’t like the design [or the fit; I would argue that fit is right up there with design], you’ll go buy a new dress anyway, which kind of counteracts the good intentions.

Keep ecological factors in mind, but let’s let design come first: will I wear this? is question number one. Buy pieces that last, both physically and emotionally!

miss xandra bee

Photos of Bianca and me by the talented Ben Robinson of Ben Robinson Photography 

P.S. See more BU Dress variations here

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