Even Wizards Have Homework


May 31 2019

Gold Tape

Everyday Wonderland

Dear Reader,

I am pleased to inform you that the gates to Everyday Wonderland are now open 

You’re invited to join my weekly accountability club for finding magic where you already are, away from screens.

Everyday Wonderland is a celebration of the adventures awaiting us in our daily lives. The difference between living like a wizard vs a muggle is how we choose to interpret our surroundings.

You see, even wizards have homework.

Harry and his friends live a semblance of a normal life I could relate to, but dressed up in a castle with magic spells. They still had essays to write, but on parchment with quill pens.

We live under the illusion that adventure will show up and whisk us away one day. Why wait for that day, when you can invite adventure into your daily life now?

Everyday Wonderland is the fundamental stage of heroine training: training your mind to believe that you do have time, you can have adventures, and your are the protagonist of your story. You can start this very minute.


P.S. This month’s theme is fun. The gates are open for four days only.

Everyday Wonderland
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