Everyone Needs Deadlines: How to Get Stuff Done


Jun 12 2015

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Everyone Needs Deadlines: How to Get Stuff Done

I’m riding on an accomplishment high. Since starting to use a Passion Planner in March, I have finally completed EVERY task I set for myself in the week!

How to Get Stuff Done:

1. Take the time to plan. It pays off. Estimate how much time each task will take, and round up.

2. Reflect as you go: each day, each week – what are you super proud of, and what could you do better?

3. Choose your focus for the week: if you get only one thing done, what is the most important thing? Repeat this for each day as well.

4. Request the assistance of accountability buddies to help you, especially with those tasks you keep putting off. Siobhan and I, the Edinburgh branch of Miracle Workers, scheduled an ice cream date to celebrate staying on task. I ended up pushing my most challenging, fear-inducing task until that morning, but it got done!

5. Hustle through to the end. Sometimes when it looks like I won’t get enough done, I give up. Not good!

One of my favourite quotes from Walt Disney: “Everyone needs deadlines”. So true!

Everyone Needs Deadlines: How to Get Stuff Done your-assignment

Set aside some time to plan out your next week. Or better yet, do it now! Then report back with what you want to get done and I’ll hold you accountable :)


P.S. Throwback to one of my favourite little essays I’ve written about Nature, Wonder, Magic, Travel.

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