Extra Mini Adventure: Shopping for a Bin


Nov 17 2014

Gold Tape

Extra Mini Adventure: Shopping for a Bin

On Thursday I was so tired in the morning I couldn’t get out of bed. All day. Well, actually, I got up, did my yoga, had a nice breakfast, and when it got to the end of my morning routine I was done. Back to bed.

“We’re getting you out of the house,” said Monkey, when, returning from work around dinner time, found me still in bed.

“Where are we going?” There wasn’t a plan, exactly, but when we found out John Lewis was still open for another hour, we booked it over to go bin shopping. We’d been meaning to do this for ages.

It wasn’t the most exciting mini adventure, but it was fresh air and fulfillment on an otherwise nothing day. My rest and recuperation were necessary, but getting that nagging task out of the way felt pretty good too.

miss xandra bee

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